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How To Linking Nintendo Switch Child Account


How To Linking Nintendo Switch Child Account

Create a child account so that your child can safely use online features

How To Linking Nintendo Switch Child Account - Link a child account to your child's user on the Nintendo Switch console if they are aged 12 or under and would like to use the console's online features. A child account is an account that a parent or guardian can create from within their own Nintendo Account.
Nintendo Switch Child Account

The parent or guardian can also change the password for a child account. If the parent or guardian changes the password for a child account, the password will need to be re-entered on the console in order to play online. It may take a while for this change to be reflected on the console.

How do I link Nintendo Child Accounts to my switch?

How is a child account different from a regular Nintendo Account?

A child account is one that is created or managed by a parent or guardian's Nintendo Account and can be used to set restrictions on the child's gameplay. Settings and restrictions on the child account can be selected, changed and deleted from the parent or guardian's Nintendo Account.

You can use a child account to restrict Nintendo eShop purchases on the console or can choose to have a notification sent to the email address registered to your Nintendo Account whenever your child makes a purchase in Nintendo eShop.

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Restrictions that can be set on a child account

The following restrictions can be set for when the user linked to the child account accesses Nintendo eShop:

  • Restrict all software purchases
  • Hide software information rated above the set age rating

Nintendo Network Id For Child

Creating a child account

A regular Nintendo Account is required to create a child account. If you are a parent or guardian and want to create a child account for your child, you must first create a Nintendo Account for yourself if you do not have one already.

Once you have created a Nintendo Account, you can create a child account from the Nintendo Account settings screen. Please be aware that, if you delete your Nintendo Account, any child account linked to it will automatically be deleted.

For more information about how to link a user on the Nintendo Switch console to a Nintendo Account click here.