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Facts About Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding


Facts About Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding

Facts About Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding - Hello gamers Nintendo Switch, how are you? So far is your level up to today in the adventure? In last post, we have completed the steps how to solve the problems that occur in the Joy-Con controller buttons are not responding. Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding Fix

For this time bengkelpakagus.com will try to help you all to overcome the joy-con control sticks are not responding.

As always we will check first whether the controls attached to the Joy-Con controls are not responding or responding incorrectly when they are connected to the Nintendo Switch console.

Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding Questions

How the results and the next steps you should do to improve your favorite joy-con control sticks:

Steps to fix the joy-con control sticks are not responding

  1. If there is a skin or cover used with the troubled Joy-Con, release them for a while.
  2. Make sure that the non-responsive control stick is sticky or pinched.
  3. Turn off the console and clean the area around the problem control bar with the use of a soft and dry toothbrush. Avoid using any cleaners or liquids. Power on the console and make sure the latest system updates.
  4. Calibrate the control stick.

In this case, I will explain little how to calibrate the controllers for a deeper level. The following steps should you go through:

To calibrate motion control on Joy-Con, the controller must be detached from the console. Here are the steps to resolve the issue:

1. From the HOME Menu select "System Settings," then scroll down the menu on the left-hand side and select "Controllers and Sensors."

Controllers And Sensors Nintendo Switch Location

To calibrate the Control Sticks

  • Select "Calibrate Control Sticks" then press down on the control stick for the controller you want to calibrate.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to verify the control stick functionality.

Calibrate The Control Sticks Game Instructions

To calibrate the Motion Controls

  • Select "Calibrate Motion Controls" then hold down the "-" or "+" Button on the controller you want to calibrate.

Calibrate Motion Controls Nintendo Switch Not Working

  • Remove any straps or accessories attached to the controller.
  • Place the controller with the stick facing upward on a flat, stable surface and wait for a moment.

Calibrate Motion Controls Nintendo Switch Update

  • Once the calibration is complete, select "OK."

After calibrating all the steps above, do all of the control sticks respond correctly? I will wait for the answer from you all:

If you can still smile sweetly, Yes I managed to solve the problem on Joy-Con Controller Buttons. What about you who may not succeed in solving the problem Joy-con control sticks are not responding, do not panic maybe you need to sigh for a moment and drink a little sweet coffee first :).

For this matter does the problem happen with certain games only, and try to check for available software updates for games. Sometimes just trivial things happen if it still does not work you need to be patient and continue at a more advanced level. Let's check if the other Joy-Con is working properly with the console if only the Joy-Con controller does not work this will be easier to handle and you can fix it yourself. But unfortunately, if the problem continues with Joy-Con second, this thing you need console Nintendo Switch needs to be repaired.