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Nintendo Switch Specification


Nintendo Switch Specification

Nintendo Switch Specification - In 3rd March 2017 the Nintendo Company will release their newest game console called Nintendo Switch in in 31 European territories, including the France, UK, Denmark, Germany, Russia and Portugal. Here is the Nintendo Switch specification.
Nintendo Switch Specs

Nintendo Switch Specification

Weight and Size

Nintendo Switch manufactured in 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm if with Joy-Con attached. 28.4mm at the thickest, from the tips of the analogue sticks to the ZL/ZR Button protrusions. Its weight about 297g without the Joy-Con controllers. With attached controllers about 398g. Its screen has 6.2 inch wide with 1280x720 resolution LCD Capacitive touch screen. The video output has 1920x1080 Maximum resolution and 60 frames per second in HDMI cable in Television mode.

Nintendo Switch Feature

Nintendo Switch Feature

After Nintendo Switch release date , after unboxing we will see the processor which giving power to this console. Nintendo decided to use Tegra processor and have been customized from Nvidia. The memory system contained 32 Gigabytes include a reserved portion for use by the operating system. It made fast enough to handle its display and resolution but still not so big battery consuming.


Like the network capability brought the console before, this time Nintendo built with wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant), Bluetooth v 4.1, cable/wired LAN adapter for TV mode via commercially available.


This Nintendo Switch Specs using stereo speaker system and headphone attached its supports linear PCM 5.1ch also using HDMI output for Television mode.

Nintendo Switch Unboxed

Game card slot

The only playable game media is for Nintendo Switch game cards exclusively. For saving your games you can use and transfer via micro SD card slot which compatible with micro SD, micro SDHC and after update from the internet you can use micro SDXC memory cards.
This is great.

Other features

Nintendo Switch Unboxed

The sensors use accelerometer, gyroscope, and brightness sensor for the display. The save operating temperature range are between 5 - 35°C. It has non removable 4310mAh LiIon battery but we can replace it via Nintendo Customer Support. After 3 hours more or less charging, we can play all the games for more than 6 hours. We can charge via USB terminal, the usb type is C, and the terminal can be used for docking

How to Play Nintendo Swich Game on iPhone?

Your iPhone may really offer a couple of redesigns over the Switch! There are much more amusements accessible, including emulators that let you play exemplary titles from any reassure. Despite the fact that you'll have to invest a little exertion on the off chance that you need to play old Zelda diversions on your iPhone X.

Other than recreations, your telephone in all likelihood offers a superior visual affair than the Switch does. Nintendo utilized a LCD show restricted to a determination of only 1280x720 pixels and numerous cell phones are fit for at any rate full 1920x1080 HD resolutions with shading immersion and loyalty that far beat the Switch's screen.

However, approaching a large x number of awesome titles on a delightful screen amounts to nothing when attempting to play activity recreations utilizing a touchscreen. Ask any individual who's attempted, it is a demonstration of outright disappointment.

iPhone X Controllers

So the principal redesign you'll have to transform your cell phone (iOS /Android) into a Switch are some better controls. All things considered, touchscreens suck with regards to playing recreations that require something other than tapping the screen. With the correct extras you can impeccably imitate the Switch's handheld gaming background, or interface numerous remote controllers for some versatile multiplayer.

That’s all information I can give you about Nintendo Switch Specification. You can get instructions for using this console in Nintendo page Switch Guide. You can use this information to consider buying this console or not. But I'm sure you have nothing to lose to buy it. And thanks for visiting my blog.