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Nintendo Switch Guide


Nintendo Switch Guide

Nintendo Switch Preparation

Nintendo switch guides

Nintendo Switch Guide - If you want to buy Nintendo Switch Console, here are the Nintendo switch guides for you for knowing more how to use and treat this consoles button function, accessories and peripherals.

Nintendo Switch Console

The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major video game console developed by Nintendo. Known in development by its codename NX, it was unveiled in October 2016 and was released worldwide on March 3, 2017. Nintendo considers the Switch a hybrid console designed primarily as a home console. This game play release date‎: ‎ March 3, 2017; System-on-chip used‎: ‎Nvidia‎ ‎Tegra X1 Controller input‎: ‎Joy-Con‎; ‎Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch front console
This is the front view of the Nintendo Switch

1. The power button. Press and hold a while to boot it up.

2. The volume buttons. Left for louder and right for quitter

3. This screen and touchscreen

4. Speakers.

5. Game card for load the game from

6. Aux/Audio jack to connect to microphones/headset and headphones.

7. Game card slot to place the game cards

8. Rail to snapping the joy con.
This is the back view of the console

1. Stand. Used to adjust the console position to stand up on a flat surfaces.

2. Micro SD slot. You can place the micro SD, SDHC or SDXC card.

3. Rail from back view

4. Connector for USB Type-C base. For AC adapter or docking

The Dock
Nintendo Switch front dock
This is the front view of the docking station.

1. USB ports for connect some Nintendo accessories like joy con charging grip or pro controller

2. TV led output indicator. Turned on when using TV for the output.

3. System connector to place the console when playing on a dock.
Nintendo Switch back dock
This is the back view of the docking station.

1. AC Adapter port, when we want to charge the battery of the station.

2. USB port. It is compatible for type 2 or type 3 USB for future usage

3. HDMI port.

4. Cover for place cables for handier.

The Joy Con

Nintendo Switch front joycon
This is the front view of the Nintendo Switch controller instructions, Joy Controller
  1. L Button for L function.
  2. R – Button.
  3. Left Controller Stick can be pushed to press as a button.
  4. Up/Down/Left/Right direction buttons.
  5. Capture button to catch screenshot while playing game.
  6. Rail to place this controller n snap to the console or it’s accessories
  7. R button for R function.
  8. + Button.
  9. A / B / X / Y buttons.
  10. Right Controller Stick. It has same pressed function like Left Stick, and also can be used to an NFC to access amiibo.
  11. Home Button for suspend function the software and access the Home menu. It has a led which lights up when a notification is coming.
Nintendo Switch back joycon
This is the back view of the Joy Controller
1. ZL Button.

2. ZR Button.

3. Release buttons used to detach from the console.

4. IR lamp motion capture
Nintendo Switch side joycon
This is the side view of the Joy Controller
  1. SL Button.
  2. SR Button.
  3. SR Button.
  4. LED to indicate the Player ID for both controllers.
  5. SYNC Button for pairing between console and the controllers.
  6. SL Button
The Strap

Nintendo Switch front strap
This is the front view of the Joycon Strap
  1. SL/SR Buttons for replace SL or SR button when it’s being attached.
  2. +/- mark for replace + or - button when it’s being attached.
  3. Rail for snap to joycon
  4. Lock for locking/unloking to make sure it attached well.
Nintendo Switch back strap

Nintendo Switch front grip
This is the front view of the Joycon Grip

1. LED indicates player ID.

2. Rail to attach to the joycon

Nintendo Switch back grip
This is the front view of the Joycon Strap

1. Strap attachement

You can learn how to setup Nintendo Switch by follow our guide tutorial tips and tricks.

Nintendo Switch Manual PDF

You can download nintendo switch pdf/Nintendo Switch Manual PDF/user guide nintendo switch startup guide from official website or here.

Read the Nintendo switch manual setup guide and follow the instructions to play your game. Learn How to set up, and use the console to be a master of Nintendo switch games.

This is the end of the page of the Nintendo switch guide, the next page will talk about why you should choose and buy this console. Thanks